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Finally, we are entered into the tax season. All the salaries employees are busy in collecting their form-16s from their employers. Once they get the form-16 their next step should be to file income tax return. 

It's always better to file income tax return as soon as possible to avoid last minute rush. Due to date to file income tax return for AY 2013-14 is July 31st for salaried employees.

The below are the different modes to file your income tax return.

1. Downloading the ITR-1 excel utility provided by the income tax department
2. Filing through E-Return Intermediaries (check here for e-return intermediary)
3. Manual filing (by filling ITR-1 manually and submitting to income tax department office)
4. Quick e-File ITR

What is Quick e-File ITR?

This is the new method of filing income tax return with little hassle. But this method is only available for ITR-1 users. To file income tax return through this method, you should have the log-in account with the income tax department e-Filing website.

The following are the general instructions to file income tax return through Quick e-File ITR method

1. While entering the data online return, please do not click BACK button in browser or press BACKSPACE button. If do so, you will be logged out.

2. All amounts are in Indian Rupees (Rs.) only

3. Select the date in DD/MM/YYYY format using the calender enabled to that field

4. Don't enter the greyed out fields, Since these fields are either auto-filled or non-editable

5. Make sure you provide information in all the mandatory(*) fields

6. Make sure you save after each step by using SAVE DRAFT option

7. In ITR (income tax return) whenever information captured in tables
  • Adding a new row: Click ADD button to insert a new row and then enter values in the fields provided
  • Deleting row: select the row to delete from the list and click DELETE Row button
  • Remove extra unfilled blank rows by selecting the row and clicking on DELETE row button
8. Enter only the value whenever the information needed in percentile

9. Make sure, you verify all the fields in the income tax return before you SUBMIT

The below is the sample form to know the IFSC CODE.

Filing Income Tax Return by E-Return Intermediary websites:

In market, there are lot of websites who e-files income tax return. With very less cost, you can escape from the all the hassles to file your income tax return.

chaireturn is one of the best e-filing service provider, especially designed to file income tax returns for the salaried individuals.

The following are the key features of the chaireturn

1. Client just need to upload his form-16 by logging into chaireturn
2. Within hour time, he can re-login and download his form-16
3. Each income tax return is to be reviewed by Chartered Accountant
4. chaireturn is E-Return intermediary authorised by the Government of India. Filing income tax return with ERI is always secure, simple and fast process of refunds
5. High end security enabled website. Chaireturn uses 256-bit encrypted SSL to secure the client data
6. User can save any of his tax related documents with free of cost
7. User can download any of his previous years form-16 or ITR-Vs with just simple click

Finally they are just charging Rs. 229/- to file income tax return.

Click here to file your income tax return thorough chaireturn website

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