Download ITR Forms from AY 2007-08 to AY 2013-14 - ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4, ITR 4S, ITR 4S, ITR 5, ITR 6, ITR 7, ITR 8

There are two options available to file income tax return.

Option 1 - Through Online Income Tax Return e-Filing service providers like
Option 2 - Through Income Tax India e-Filing website (Free service)

If you want to file Income Tax Return through online income tax return e-filing service provider, it is simple. Just upload your Form-16 here and pay the service charges. And the Chaireturn team do rest for you.

If you want to file income tax return on your own, then download relevant ITR form. Once fill and convert into xml, then upload the same through income tax india e-filing website. This is a free service.

The below are the list of ITR forms, which you can download.

Assessment Year 2013-14 ITR downloads

AY 2013-14 ITR-1 (SAHAJ)   Download here 
AY 2013-14 ITR-2   Download here
AY 2013-14 ITR-3   Download here
AY 2013-14 ITR-4   Download here 
AY 2013-14 ITR-4S (SUGAM)   Download here
AY 2013-14 ITR-5  Download here
AY 2013-14 ITR-6  Download here
AY 2013-14 ITR-7  Download here

Assessment Year 2012-13 ITR downloads

AY 2012-13 ITR-1 Download here
AY 2012-13 ITR-2 Download here
AY 2012-13 ITR-3 Download here
AY 2012-13 ITR-4 Download here
AY 2012-13 ITR-4S Download here
AY 2012-13 ITR-5 Download here
AY 2012-13 ITR-6 Download here

Assessment Year 2011-12 ITR downloads

AY 2011-12 ITR-1 Download here
AY 2011-12 ITR-2 Download here
AY 2011-12 ITR-3 Download here
AY 2011-12 ITR-4 Download here
AY 2011-12 ITR-4S Download here
AY 2011-12 ITR-5 Download here
AY 2011-12 ITR-6 Download here

Assessment Year 2010-11 ITR downloads

AY 2010-11 ITR-1 Download here
AY 2010-11 ITR-2 Download here
AY 2010-11 ITR-3 Download here
AY 2010-11 ITR-4 Download here
AY 2010-11 ITR-5 Download here
AY 2010-11 ITR-6 Download here

Assessment Year 2009-10 ITR downloads

AY 2009-10 ITR-1 Download here
AY 2009-10 ITR-2 Download here
AY 2009-10 ITR-3 Download here
AY 2009-10 ITR-4 Download here
AY 2009-10 ITR-5 Download here
AY 2009-10 ITR-6 Download here
AY 2009-10 ITR-7 Download here
AY 2009-10 ITR-8 Download here

Assessment Year 2008-09 ITR downloads

AY 2008-09 ITR-1 Download here
AY 2008-09 ITR-2 Download here
AY 2008-09 ITR-3 Download here
AY 2008-09 ITR-4 Download here
AY 2008-09 ITR-5 Download here
AY 2008-09 ITR-6 Download here
AY 2008-09 ITR-7 Download here
AY 2008-09 ITR-8 Download here

Assessment Year 2007-08 ITR downloads

AY 2007-08 ITR-1 Download here
AY 2007-08 ITR-2 Download here
AY 2007-08 ITR-3 Download here
AY 2007-08 ITR-4 Download here
AY 2007-08 ITR-5 Download here
AY 2007-08 ITR-6 Download here
AY 2007-08 ITR-7 Download here
AY 2007-08 ITR-8 Download here


  1. Hi this is raghavendra and am looking for itr 4 Form for AY 13 and 14. please provide me to my id

  2. Income tax department has yet to release the ITR forms.

    Please keep visiting website for the forms.



  3. Hi this is subbareddy and am looking for itr 2 Form for AY 13 and 14. please provide me to my id

  4. i want ay 2013-2014 returen itr 2 plss tell me the web site

  5. so far ITR forms for AY 2013-14 has not been released

  6. Hi this is rishabh and am looking for itr 4 Form for AY 13 and 14. please provide me to my id

  7. please provide itr e-filling form for a.y. 2013-14,

  8. when will the forms for A.Y.2013-14 will be released??

    1. Department has already released ITR-1 and ITR-4s download from this blog.



  9. Hi,

    I am surajit.Kindly provide me ITR 4 in excel sheet for AY 2013-14.My Email ID:


  10. can i file ITR for 2008-09 AY now ...???? will these be accepted ???? what mode should i prefer physical or online ...

    1. no,its not possible.filing date is over.

  11. Thanks for the wonderful informative post on Online Income Tax Return. I like to appreciate the author for his tremendous work.