50 Points - Tamilnadu VAT Audit Checklist

The following is the checklist for the Tamilnadu VAT Audit

1. Appointment letter for doing audit.

2. Form WW of TNVAT duly filled in with all enclosures / annexures

3. Management representation letter

4. True copies of TIN certificate for the main place and the branches /factories

5. True copy of CST registration certificate issued by the TAN VAT authority

6. True copies of certificates of registration in issued under other acts

7. Bank account(s) particulars & scan copy of specimen cheque of each bank a/c

8. Monthly returns in soft and hard copies

9. Turnover summary sheet for the year soft and hard copies

10. Reconciliation of purchases / sales shown in returns and financial statements

11. ITC reversal details with workings

12. Purchase register- copies of invoices etc , tax rate wise,for each category

13. VAT claim register

14. Data on goods classification head wise (taxable,exempted)

15. Process flow chart if any for manufacturer

16. Manufacturing account –form H

17. Sales register,invoices,stock transfer invoices tax rate wise , for each category

18. Invoices of inputs

19. Invoices of capital goods

20. Input tax adjustment account

21. Input tax credit adjustment capital goods

22. Utilization of VAT and tax payment

23. Register for purchase tax paid on goods if any

24. TDS register data. Form R and T Reconcilation of WCT PAYMENTS &TDS

25. Originals of form S if any collected

26. Form 8 register(all forms issued )

27. Form 10 register (all forms received )

28. Form NN register and used counterfoils of form JJ

29. Transit passes obtained and surrendered

30. VAT returns filed periodically

31. Register of debit notes credit notes (post sale discount if any )

32. Details of purchases /sales returns unfructified sales , price variations

33. Any other register (s) / document(s) maintained for purposes of VAT / CST

34. Counterfoils of forms / certificates issued

35. Original of the forms / certificates received with related register(s) with list

36. List of forms / certificates yet to be received invoice wise

37. Form of opinion letter filed by the works contractor with acknowledgement by works contractor

38. Copies of agreement entered , stages of work completion and receipt and amount received by works contractor

39. Statement of exports,sales to exporters,sales in transit ,high sea sales

40. Tax paid details for VAT,CST

41. Details of refund claimed and allowed , pending if any

42. Copy of VAT audit report of CT department if any

43. Copy of inspection report of the CT department if any

44. Inspection/audit report(s) by the other departments

45. Annual report /audited financial statements of the dealer for the year

46. Tax audit report of the dealer under the IT audit , if such audit is completed

47. Trading and P&L account and balancesheet of the dealer for TN activity

48. Any other details / data which has got a bearing with the VAT audit

49. Details of miscellaneous income / sale of old assets / scrap etc Taxability ?

50. Details of payment for any new construction , installation of machinery , maintenance for generator, machinery, computer etc -to satisfy about the WCT TCS applicability

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  1. dear sir,may i know the definition of Purchases. What are all the items that come under the definition of Purchases?